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Wind SW 12.1kts Seas 2-4ft

Mahina Kai - Day 1 – Marion to Bermuda – Settle In


The day of the race is partly spent recovering from the crew dinner/party the night before, partly making final preparations for the race, and come 12:00: the start!  The race committee is always helpful with specific directions for race completion (see IG photo).  We appreciate all their hard work to setup and manage the race.


There are multiple size classes at the start, so it takes about an hour to get all boats across the line and into the race.  Friday was a lively sailing day in Buzzards Bay, and there was plenty of opportunity for strategizing how to best set-up to exit the bay.


We are lucky to have Cathyann as a pastry chef on our shore crew.  She supplies each Mahina Kai race crew with the “cookie of the day”.  Day 1 cookie is cute lemon sailboats, and the package contained the message “Settle in”.


Once the excitement and drama of the start is over, settling in is exactly what we do, preparing the next four days.  It is said that MBR is three-races in one… the Buzzards Bay leg, crossing the Gulf stream current, and the Bermuda approach.  A storm moving north Thursday night gave us good wind with clear skies for the start.  The Gulf stream crossing will include its own weather mysteries, but we anticipate the final leg with some trepidation.  Not because of heavy weather, but because of a forecast for quiet winds.  The meteorologist told us to “bring a deck of cards”.


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